Our Standards

because every step is important…

Nursery SafetyA safe, secure environment is obviously of great importance to any parent leaving their child in a Nursery setting. Which is why our Nursery has CCTV .

Our Admissions policy is meticulous and at the time of booking your child’s place you will be asked to complete an ‘Nominated Adults for Collection‘ form and only these people will be allowed to collect your child. Your child will be signed in on the register each time they attend Nursery and signed out when they are collected.

Any visitors or contractors must produce a form of ID before they gain access to the Nursery and they are required to sign a visitors book; which is monitored regularly to ensure that relevant procedures are being followed.

Health and Safety also plays an important part in Nursery life. We ensure that our Nursery provides a safe environment for all children, parents and staff. Our in house procedures and practices are monitored on a regular basis to ensure compliance. Our Nursery staff receive regular training and updates on Health and Safety issues and eNursery have a Health and Safety Co-ordinator who is responsible for all issues within their Nursery.

The nursery enforces a strict No Mobile Phone & Camera Policy as part of our Safeguarding Policy.