Babies and Toddlers

Where Little Steps Come First…

Nursery Baby and Toddlers

The babies and toddlers need lots of early interaction. We encourage this through circle times, singing songs and rhymes, reading books in a group and individually. Our cosy corner helps children to feel secure along with plenty of love and cuddles, helping children to feel happy and confident.

We provide activities for children that encourage them to use their senses, a range of sensory baskets help them to explore colours, shape and texture.

We also encourage children to take part in messy activities, which can be calming for children, they learn essential skill such as exploring and questioning which helps to develop creative thinking skills that will be useful as they learn and grow. They discover new things through play, and trial and error.

Our early ICT toys encourage children’s communication and language skills along with developing an imagination through pretend play, e.g. Speaking on a telephone, pressing buttons and using real equipment such as iPads and cameras allow children to explore and develop early technology skills.