Pre School Childcare

learning to leap…

Nursery Pre School Wandsworth

The Big Steps room is a fun and exciting place to be, we have children from 2 to 5 years of age. Children of this age are encouraged to be independent learners, with adults modeling good behavior and social interactions. We encourage children to explore and learn through play and through focus activities, and we track their progress through our online learning journals, which are available for the parents to see and add their input. We take into account all of our children’s interests and ensure that they enjoy learning new things through focus activities and free play.

Children learn in a variety of ways, through playing in a small group, one-to-one and through circle times where we have group discussions about our environment, new things we have learnt about our world, such as weather changes, transitions and family events such as birthday and new arrivals.

We take pride in supporting our preschoolers prepare for school, by introducing simple math, writing and reading skills.